"Listen to my words. I AM NOT GAY."



so this is my first giveaway for my wonderful and fab followers 


i’m doing this giveaway because either all of this stuff is to big, i have doubles, i ordered a whole heap of new shit for christmas for myself anyway so c:  goodluck 

(sorry i dont have to much stuff to giveaway)

okay so rules:

must be following me (bring-me-thy-horizon) as it is a follower giveaway afterall .-. 

likes dont count so reblogs only

(i will check if the winner is followin meh)

agh i will use a random generator


okay so i will be choosing the winner at 9.00pm (Brisbane, Australia), 5th of January 2014

and everything pictured you will receive so i guess thats it. 


1x pierce the veil crew neck (large)

1x pierce the veil “without you there is no me” shirt (large)

1x of mice and men shirt (large)

1x we came as romans “we are the one true hope” shirt (large)

1x a day to remember “keep running your mouth” shirt (large)

1x vans warped tour ‘13 tank top (large)

1x man overboard “i want you to stay, right where i left you” shirt (large)

1x the amity affliction “brothers in arms” shirt (large)

3x a day to remember rubber bracelets (i hate this town, right back at it again and get the fuck over it)

1x pair of pink vans sunglasses (from warped tour)


1x mayday parade - monsters in the closet

1x dream on dreamer - loveless

1x bring me the horizon - there is hell…..

1x all time low - dont panic

1x green day - international superhits

1x bullet for my valentine - temper temper

1x asking alexandria - from death to destiny

1x a day to remember - homesick

1x fall out boy - save rock and roll

1x bullet for my valentine - fever

1x the amity affliction - glory days

1x a day to remember - what seperates me from you

1x of mice and men - the flood

1x paramore - paramore

1x pierce the veil - collide with the sky

1x sleeping with sirens - feel

1x we came as romans - tracing back roots

(all of the simple plan albums .-.)

1x the amity affliciton - chasing ghosts

1x panic at the disco - too weird to live, to rare to die

1x man overboard - real talk (signed)

1x fall out boy - pax am days

(they are just the cd’s i dont want anymore, go nuts)

so merry fucking christmas and goodluck (even though it ends after christmas its still the winners fucking christmas present) 




I MADE THIS! (I am told you should turn it up to MAXIMUM volume. It is the only time in my life I have ever not been notably loud.)

Things you will not believe:

1) I actually made this video like five times and this was the best effort. (One time included swearing, and another time featured me in a Fugue State, mouthing silently like a goldfish at the camera.)

2) That I am not forcibly prevented from doing any, ahem, ‘marketing’ because I am clearly a liability.

Things you will believe:

1) It is the first video I have ever made.

2) I made it at three in the morning.

Salient details:

1) If you send me (sarahreesbrennan@gmail.com) a photo of yourself with a dead tree copy of UNTOLD I will send you a signed bookplate!

2) The knife necklace I am wearing is a Lynburn dagger created by Viviane Hebel (www.hebeldesign.com) for the series. That’s right. WEAPONS EVERYWHERE. That’s the kind of influence I am.

3) I don’t… it’s all a blur. What’s in this video? Who am I?

You’re adorable, but questions… 

1) Seriously, the most important of the questions… why don’t you have an accent? I was all prepared for you to talk like a sweet Irish maid and then you didn’t.

Ok… so it was just a single question.

Also, proof that Sarah Rees Brennan may be a horrible monster, but she pulls it off in such a charming way.

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